Felting is where AllSensesArt started way back in 2006; after graduating from my Contemporary Crafts degree (Manchester Metropolitan University) I set-up this art outreach business. I decided to focus on the, sensory and relaxing, process of wet-felt making. Things have evolved over the years but this is how AllSensesArt started.

My wet-felting work in SCHOOLS includes:
Arts Week Projects
Australian Themed Felting - EYFS Reception
Monet Inspired WallHanging - Yr 1 pupils
Paul Klee inspired portraits - Yr 4 pupils
Roman Style Felted Socks -Yr 4 pupils
Hundertwasser Felted pictures - Yr 7 students
Felted Portraits - Yr 11 students
Felted Rainforest Creatures and Insects MINIBEASTS - Yr 3 pupils
Interactive Sensory Weather Pod Y3 and 4 pupils

Holiday Club Projects (Sensory Room wallhanging) 

Nurture Interventions
Felted Firebird Sculpture and Window display Yr 2 & 3 pupils
Nuno Felted Den Yr 6 pupils

Two years of full-time Teaching
(Brantwood Specialist School, Sheffield) 
Top Hat,
Excalibur Wall hanging,
Cushions and Glove Puppets

PGCE Placement Teaching 
Specialist Nuno-Felting techniques KS4 BTEC Level 2  (Sheffield Park Academy, Sheffield 2018) Felted Carnival Masks  for Y11 BTEC Level2 

MUSEUM and ART GALLERY clients included:
Erasmus Darwin Museum
Felted Flowers adults
Kids Sculpture with magic felted balls

Wolverhampton Art Gallery
(Felted Portaits with St. Chad’s Community Group)
Bilston Craft Gallery
(Easter Bunny Glove Puppets, pictures, cushions, Mini-Beasts, Jewellery/ Flowers, Purses over stones, Teddy Bear Coats)

Birmingham Museums and Art Gallery (Sensory Felting)

Potteries Museum and Art Gallery
(Mini-Beasts go on Safari)

Roman Project these all made by children aged 9. This amazing arts week project was featured as an example of good practice between schools and museums.

Past Present Future Conference,
Staffordshire Arts Outreach 2012

Wet-felting is the ultimate sensory process. You can feel the fibres change throughout the process.

One of the hundreds of felted flower brooches made in my adult workshops in Libraries across the Midlands

The rhythmical rubbing of wet wool fibres- warm soapy water is exceedingly calming process and has been used incredibly effectively when working with people suffering from heightened anxiety, mental health problems and low self esteem. 

Felting has also been a fabulous medium for creative work in HOSPITAL and HEALTHCARE SETTINGS.

Between 2008 and 2012 I devised and facilitated summer projects at Birmingham Children's Hospital.

Felting projects there covered small jewellery projects through to glove puppets and wall hangings. Work produced was exhibited at Arts Fest, some is on permanent display within the hospital and other smaller items were kept by the participants (a positive reminder of their creative achievements made during challenging times in their lives).

2010 Penn Hospital Wolverhampton - Exhibited as part of The Joy of Making - Wolverhampton Museum and Art Gallery

2019 While working as Supply Teacher (Becton School - Sheffield Children's Hospital Site) 1:1 work over a six week period.

While based in the Midlands 2006-2014 I also facilitated felting therapeutic and creative sessions in a range of other COMMUNITY SETTINGS.

Clients included: Libraries, Adult Day Care Settings, Home Educating Family Groups and also Disability and Mental Health Support Groups and Adult Crafts Groups

Felted Portraits Y10 pupils

Paul Klee inspired felted portraits  Y4 pupils