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01-04-20      Kandinsky Inspired Cushions - Colourful KS3 Textiles Project

03-03-19      First Sewing Machine Project: Making a Garment - while in hospital!

13-11-18      Nuno Felting: Specialist Textile Technique used by Level 2 Art and Design Students

11-07-18      King Arthur Themed Wall Hanging made by Students in a South Yorkshire Special School

27-06-18      Completed BTEC Level 2 Textile Masks (Carnival Module)

01-03-18      Wet-Felted Carnival Masks Y11 BTEC First Award Textiles

28-08-17      Fabulous hand-felted Fedora

09-03-16      Perfect Craft Parties for Creative Kids in South Yorkshire

27-01-15      One-to-One. Make what you want with expert tuition

24-08-14      Art & Craft Workshops using all sorts of Materials & Techniques

08-07-14      Craft Parties: happy kids from Birmingham to Sheffield and further

06-02-14      Mental Health improved by Wonderful Scenery & Creativity    

29-01-14      Creative Sessions for Young People in Hospital

22-01-14      Felted wallhanging inspired by Monet's waterlily paintings

19-07-13      Wonderful Paul Klee inspired Felted Portraits by Year 4 Students

23-04-13      Ceramic and Textile Carousel for Schools Library Service

20-11-12      Roomy and Stylish Felted Handbags that you'll use every day!

08-06-12      Australian Themed Felting Fun for School Arts Week

19-02-12      Fantastic Creative Craft Parties for Children in Solihull

27-12-11      Spectacular Felted Slippers / Socks with a Roman Twist

13-12-11      Nuno Felted Den: a fantastic school felting project

25-11-11      The Therapeutic Powers of Felting: artworks for The Joy of Making

22-07-11      Felting for Boys

09-05-11      Kate's Perfect Hand-Felted Cushion Making Party

01-04-11      Easter Craft Projects: Hand-Felted Chicks and Eggs

13-12-10      Even more felting fun with Art Nation in Wolverhampton

09-12-10      Family Arts and Crafts fun at The Art Shop in Wolverhampton

01-12-10      Hand-Felted Christmas Decorations and Santa Stockings

17-11-10      Felted Portraits & Stitched Photographs in Wolverhampton

01-09-10      Felted Flowers and Sculptures at Erasmus Darwin House

18-05-10      Felted Flowers for Tamworth Library Adult Learners Week

22-03-10      Bunny Glove Puppet and Easter Chick for Easter

19-02-10      Donuts, Coffee Cups and Saucers inspired by Jann Haworth

09-11-09      Felting Outreach at Taking Time: Craft and the Slow Revolution

22-09-09      Work from Birmingham Children's Hospital at Artsfest

21-06-09      Woolfest: make a trip to The Lake District for a wooly festival

12-06-09      In the beginning there was a little girl who liked to sew