Make a felted picture for your bedroom. At a felted picture party you will have time to design a more detailed felted picture than at a felted cushion party. Learn how to 'paint' with wool fibres and cut shapes and lettering from pre-felt. 

 This is a perfect party for boys and girls aged 10 upwards.


 - How much will it cost? Prices start at £105 for 7 children. For each extra guest add £15.

- Is there a maximum number of children I can have at my party? 
Between 7 and 12 children is an ideal number. 
This means that Kirsty can give each person as much hands-on help that they need. Kirsty has lots of experience and enthusiasm and she loves to share it! 

- Where will the party be? Either at your house or a venue of your choice.

- How long will the activity last? You will have 2 whole hours of felting fun. 

- Do we need any special equipment? No Kirsty will bring all the wool fibres and   equipment. She will even bring plastic aprons to make sure that your party clothes don't get wet. (To make hand-made felt you will be using warm water and Olive oil soap.)

- Are there any extra costs? All materials are included. And if your party is within 10 miles of Sheffield S6 4QP then travel is FREE. For parties over 10 miles away there is a charge of 45p per additional mile

It's fun, and Kirsty shows you how to get wonderful results....easily!
Phone 0773 995 9951